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Tips for SURVIVERS OF PubG -2

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                When you landed,after you get the loots. Don't go with same player on same house,Go alone and get the loots. First things to take are POLICE VEET,HELEMET It will protect you, Next take a any Gun, because Maybe Enemy is came,you will protect yourself self with PISTOLS, sometimes PAN,CROWBAR also Protect take anything weapon.This is first step of weapon picks,after told you how to gun picked up.
vest,helemet,gun after pick up the BAG. Next take a SMOKE GRENADES and FRAG GRANADES and MOTOV, That is must but most of Players not picking that, That is helpful for Teammates revival,Frag granade is must to pick up for Using intelligence to kill Enemy. Once you Noted the enemy,You use the Granade to through him/her.  Next, First step of Loots are only must for unexpected situation, So next You Go for Loot the upgrade level of weapons. THE IMPORTANT THING, MOSTLY no one get the DRINKS,PAIN KILLER,…